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Gurkie [userpic]

(no subject)

May 15th, 2008 (03:02 pm)

current mood: excited

My mood is what? Wait what? Who me? How so?

Yep its true, actually I wanted to put anticipatory as my mood but apparently its not an option. So I realized I am looking forward to quite a few things!

Exciting things:
May 22 - Seeing LotR with a full orchestra and 2 choirs at Wolftrap.
May 23-26 - Some trip with Pi and people... Probably. If we can figure it out.
May 30-June 1 - Possibly go to Vegas but probably not...
June 7-14 - Beach trip, although I may only be there part of the time ;-)
June 18 - Seeing ABBA - The Tour. I think it will be fun, plus I have never been to the 9:30 club.

More immediate:
Season finale of ANTM (honestly im just glad its ending, oh wait it ended last night I should watch that...)
Season finales of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl
Season Start of So You Think You Can Dance! (YAY!)

CRAP I think the season start of so you think you can dance co-incides with the LotR thing... BLEH!

Gurkie [userpic]

Dissatisfaction Gauranteed

April 24th, 2008 (11:33 am)

Ive noticed really, that things tend to leave something lacking... And I dont think its anyone or anybody around me I think its my mindset. I want to do more.

I feel like I should be making an impact on the world around me and frankly I am not. I was looking into volunteer programs in DC but then I got to worrying. I mean is it a safe neighborhood, am I at risk by being there? Selfish thoughts, sure. But lets be realistic at some level everyone is selfish. I was thinking education would be a good area for me to volunteer in, or possibly a big sister/little sister program, although everyone knows I have enough siblings. What about foster care? I guess I am probably too young for something like that, along with definately not ready for the responsibility. But I just want to make a positive impact on those around me.

Since I havent updated in awhile I figured now is a good time (especially since I just wrote up a summary of my life for Pi)...

Read more...Collapse )

And I have things I want to do to provide myself with more direction.

I heard about this place that lets you brew beer and rootbeer which I am excited about. I really want to go. Honestly the idea of making root beer is almost more exciting than beer to me! Only cause I am not really a huge fan of beer...

I re-read the start of my NaNoWriMo from last year and I actually really like it, I was thinking about trying to finish it. And if I do possibly looking at getting published. Its a young adult novel which I think will make it more likely than if it were normal fiction, but its the type of book I would read over and over again. Seeing as how I wrote it that doesnt really surprise me, I know I see themes in different books that draw me in and of course they manifest themselves in the first 15 pages of my book... Oops I have a long way to go before I consider publication.

Okay I guess that is it for now...

Gurkie [userpic]

laughter in my head

February 25th, 2008 (07:36 pm)

Do you ever see those random images that you wish you had a camera for? I have and even though I generally have my camera I tend to not take the pictures.

I will describe some I like:

A "There is something about a soldier" sticker (in red/white/blue) on a trashcan. I found it humorously ironic, although its a little strange that I saw this at work.

Brussel Sprouts on the stem did you know that there is something that looks like a green bamboo stick with a diameter of like an inch and a half surrounded by these little green balls (brussel sprouts) up and down in every direction.

A conference room at work with a phone sitting on top of an upside down trash can with no other furniture in the room.

Four bathroom sinks (S) with 2 soap dispensers (d) set up like:

S d S d S S

So if you are at the second sink you can use 2 soap dispensers but if you are at the fourth you get dirty hands...

And then of course, the other aspect is written messages such as away messages. Today my coworker had:

Sudo make me a sandwich!

It made me laugh. I like it when circumstances just make you chuckle to yourself...

Gurkie [userpic]


February 12th, 2008 (10:08 pm)

class registration time - at this point I think I am registering for Tae Kwon Do 1 and Social Dance Basic Survival 1.

Snowboarding - ouch, i still hurt. I blame paul, if he hadnt crashed in front of me maybe my board wouldnt have hit his and sent me in flips with my poor body being destroyed as i face planted into the icy snow. That being said I dont really blame him, cause that would imply that it was my only time falling/face planting/flipping over multiple times this weekend. On the flip side, I kinda see why he likes his company its all about the people.

Speaking of companies, I talked to my boss about trying to get on a travel project or one down town in dc... So we will see what comes next for me!

I had so much more I wanted to say but I am tired so I think I will sleep til I wake. night.

Gurkie [userpic]

mmm... sooo goood!

February 8th, 2008 (06:01 pm)

I am totally 100% in love, with these chocolates I found the other day. Jalepeno chocolate, OMG! They have a spicey taste to them but seriously in the last 24 hours I have probably eaten ... 15 bucks worth of chocolate they are divine, sinful and all mine. I did bring them to my parents yesterday and they ate some, but there was half a box when I got home, I am ashamed to say there is one peice left and it wont be left for long... If heaven had a taste this just might be it.

Gurkie [userpic]

Location location location...

January 23rd, 2008 (08:35 pm)

Its all about location! I have to start doing some more exciting things, I want to start eating at new locations and exploring DC. I started looking for some new restaurants and have tried two of them... If there are any really good places you have been to in the NoVA area that you think I would like feel free to let me know, I really want to try some cool places!

Or if you know some good neighborhoods in DC to wander around... Post and give me advice!

Burmese (I forget the name) in Vienna - Good, I would be into trying it some more...

An Afghani place in Falls Church (I have heard good things about Afghani food, but have never tried it)

Latin American/Mexican in Vienna - Alright but not amazing...

Vinnie suggested Lost Dog Cafe (near East Falls Church metro)

Korean in Annandale

Crepes and Ice Cream - Looks sooo cute but probably not a dinner option.

Also since I am posting I have some thoughts on things I would like to do this year...

Go to the Aveda institute down town on a monthly basis, maybe go to some cool breakfast areas in the city after.
Whitewater rafting
Camping (?) maybe... Or I could go for renting a cabin near the hot springs...
Loray Caverns
Urm, not really sure what else but activity suggestions are also welcome!

update: turns out I have been to Lighthouse tofu before, I went again with Stephen and Aaron, I liked it but ... I cant say I loved it, but I enjoyed it and would go back...

Gurkie [userpic]

weird dreams

December 23rd, 2007 (01:16 am)

So I havent been posting really but I felt the need to share some odd dreams that I have been having.

In one dream I was shopping at a game store, and I was really super excited to find Strip Set. Dont ask how it works, I didnt get around to reading the rules before waking up... But I am sure someone out there would be creative enough to come up with a way to make it effective.

In another dream my neice found her xmas present and I was so upset I was crying uncontrollably and didnt want to give ANY of my neices their presents! I was absolutely devestated.

I dont know whether it is a good sign or not but I feel like I have been dreaming a lot lately, and remembering the dreams. Which is odd, cause normally I rarely remember dreams. I tend to only remember ones that shock me into being awake, or that my alarm interrupts. I am not positive but I think that if I get enough sleep I dont generally remember them, since then my sleep cycle doesnt get interrupted at the point where you are most actively dreaming.

Blah, I feel like since I havent posted in so long I really should and I feel like there is a lot to say. But I wonder how much I want to write, and how much I want to sleep. I get the feeling sleep is going to win this contest, so good night.

Oh, and sign up for hip hop classes! I want to take, and hence I want everyone else to...

Gurkie [userpic]

the best day ever

November 4th, 2007 (07:03 pm)

somehow the best day ever has led to me wishing i could throw up and curl up into a ball... I say that as though I dont know how that happened but in reality I do.

So my fam was wondering what to do with me today and realized that I love meskerem so they wanted to take me there. But due to fam stuff it wouldnt work for everyone to go. So GMK and I were headed to Meskerem with Di and going to meet SNS after his law journal meeting... GMK asks what I want to do so we go to Georgetown, I love Paper Source, and the rest of georgetown. So we walked around for probably 1.5 hours max cause we had to go meet SNS.

My family has also heard me rave about Cakelove so we went there before going to my Ethiopian place and picked up 2 of the small cakes, a Raspberry one and the German Chocolate! (Yes I have left overs.)

Then we went to Meskerem we order the Vegetarian Messob for 3. YUM! Di of course takes two bites, and SNS is apparently not hungry. Which of course means that GMK and I chow down and eat tons!!! OMG SO GOOD! I LOVE THAT FOOD!!! SERIOUSLY LOVE IT!

So then I was completely stuffed from overeating and kinda wishing I could pass out. Oh yea and I had two cakes still waiting to be eaten. We get back home we make the kids eat dinner and then we eat cake! OMG SOOOO GOOD. But I am seriously stomach aching can barely move want to hurl mode. I wont but OMG I am so overstuffed I cant believe it... Sigh.

A great quote from tonight:

"but gu will never get pregnant." - Di

Gurkie [userpic]

(no subject)

November 1st, 2007 (12:16 am)

Part of me says why bother since I most make people look at my pics anyway but a few things have happenned which I feel are worthy of documenting =) And its entirely possible I made you guys look at pics already but... Also feel free to browse my pics, although some are friends only so you may have to friend me :-p

1. I cut my hair!
And one more

2. I went to a wedding!

2b. (I met chewie at a club)

3. I made halloween costumes! For the twins. The whole outfit under the outfit thing was cause we took them trick or treating and didnt want them to get cold! They had fun, even though they are totally not allowed to have sugar they still wouldnt give me their candy! After I bought them boots and made their outfits! Pay attention to the purse (for the Indian) and the fringe/rhinestones/detailing for the cowgirl! Can I just say I am so awesome!


3b. All the neices! My older sis made the eldest's outfit.

On a different note I am thinking of doing flickr pro I want my photos better organized for sharing purposes... I know Adrian has his thing but... Still... Anyone have thoughts on flickr pro?

Gurkie [userpic]

(no subject)

October 25th, 2007 (07:33 am)

Really breif post since I have to run to catch a bus :-p

Review today, please give me a good raise! Please? (Yea I know no one who reads this gets any say over my money.)

Going to see my fam today, please dont kill me about my hair. I made the wonderful proclamation to my mother that I had cut my hair, who said that was interesting. I was confused so pushed a little only to learn my grandpa has been hospitalized again and my mom was in the hospital with him. I have amazingly horrific timing. I hope grandpa gets better, he hates the hospital.

Oh yea, linked to the previous thought, I *finally* cut my hair... Pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gurkie

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