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gurkie2's Journal

4 November
I want to learn how to fly, I mean pilot a plane not actually fly although that could be cool too. I would never sky dive too scary... I got my boaters license before I got my drivers license, but I had some help getting the former and I procrastinated on the latter. I am one of 4 sisters and I have three neices whom I adore. I am vegetarian and always will be, surprisingly enough (to me) I have had people tell me (out of the blue) that they don't want to marry me cause of this... Who said I wanted to marry them?

I am scared of heights and dogs, I used to be scared of the dark, horses, and just about everything else you can imagine... I absolutely hate horror movies of any sort even the dumb ones that are really mocking horror movies like scary movie. I am kinda a flirt, in as innocent a way possible... Which results in people enjoying teasing me, which can get annoying. I am told its the way I react, I have tried to change how I act and I must say I failed miserably.

I love to travel -I have been to- carib - Puerto Rico, Dominica, Grenada, Aruba, St Thomas, St Kitts, St John, St Lucia, Bahamas, Jamaica. S. America - Peru (Macchu Piccu, lake Titicaca, Lima, Cuzco), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Puerto Iguazu), Uruguay (Colonia), Venezuala (Caracas). N. America - usa (va, de, nm, tx, ca, ny, nj, pa, me, mi, mn, wa, nv, la, fl, dc, ks, hi), no canada, Mexico (Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Cancun, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta) Europe - Paris, London, Venice, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Greece, Turkey. Africa - Egypt (nile cruise and cairo). Asia - Thailand (Bangkok, Chang Mai), India (New Delhi, Amritsar), Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia (Tioman island?). Australia - Sydney, New Zealand.

I also love reading I mostly read sci-fi/fantasy, fiction, chick-lit, mystery type books. Some of my fav authors include George RR Martin, JK Rowling, Raymond Fiest, Orson Scott Card, Robert Ludlum, Michael Stackpole, Dan Brown, John Grisham, Tamora Pierce, Alexander Dumas, Nicholas Sparks and I am sure I am missing some... Some series I love - song of ice and fire, covert one (attributed to ludlum but written by a collection of authors), harry potter, wheel of time (at least I used to)...

I watch lots of television my shows that I watch regularly (when they are on) are currently... Heroes, 24, Wildfire, Gilmore Girls, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Beauty and the Geek, One Tree Hill, Americas Next Top Model, The OC, Project Runway, Degrassi, Beautiful People... That might be it but I feel like there is more.